Can i change my speakers from two wie to a 3.5 mm headphone jack?

HI just found some speakers in the loft from an old hi fi system, rather than seeing them go to waste, is there a way in which i can convert there connectivity. They currently use have a red and black wire coming out the back, can they be soldered onto a headphone jack, if so how would this be done.

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  1. from a hifi system you say..

    you might have better luck connecting the whole hifi system up (Provided it has a 3.5mm or red+white or other input method) since the speakers might not be able to be powered by your soundcard.
  2. Theyre not rca just two plan wires, a black one and a red one
  3. yeah probably like this

    are they self powered (do they each have a power plug?) i wouldnt think so...
  4. yes yes alexoiu....

    but if the soundcard is incapable of powering them... it doesnt matter.

    we still dont know if the op has a amp unit connected to the two speakers (which i suggested using if its a mini-hifi-system) or if he just wants to use the speakers only in which case i'd be worried they wouldnt work.

    we dont even know the size of the speakers or the power requirements for them.

    lots of things we dont know... the op needs to specify.
  5. You're right, but you know what's funny? All this time I had in mind headphones and not speakers. I couldn't understand why mentioning the amplifier.
    Weird, but I guess it's because I'm not a native English speaker (how convenient to invoke the language barrier, isn't it?).
  6. no trouble alex.

    i just did not want to confuse the OP.
  7. Right, my bad, thank you. Tjster, please ignore my answers.
  8. Yeag looks liek the picture that you posted ssddx, and no they are not individually powered
  9. does the hifi system have a control module part? ie a box with a cd player and a power plug? does this work and does it have an aux input (3.5mm or other?)
  10. Itvdoes have one but its broken, that why I was wondering if i could salvage the speakers or not
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    ah. you will want to get a stereo amplifier then.

    if they are rather low power speakers you should be able to get one for about $15. you would just run either a 3.5mm to 3.5mm from your pc to amp or a 3.5mm to rca red+white from your pc to amp (depending on what kind of input the amplifier has).

    look up your model of stereo online to see what the total output is in watts and estimate what you need for an amp (take the number and divide it in two ( ie if its 50w total power you would need an amp with 25w x 2 channels) estimated of course....

    so yes you can salvage the speakers but you will probably need to use a little mini amp. the cheaper ones look like this. note: image is for giving you an idea what they look like only... you need to see what your speakers are rated for and pick one out accordingly. this particular model might not work for you depending on the size of your speakers.

  12. Ah ok thanks :)
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