750W atts psu XFX vs Fractal Design

Can you guys help me, wich is brand is the best PSU for my overcloking stability etc.. and overall stability, i have had some bad experiences in psu stability, i cant remember the model or the brand but seems that it stopped "giving power" to my pc for like a split second and my pc restarted allways that happened, it was quite annoying when playing competive games.
So want a decent 750W psu for a around 100€, i was thinking about XFX 750 80+ bronze and fractal design Integra R2 80+ bronze.
And what does the semi, full and non modular mean?
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    Get the XFX it's made by the best SEASONIC.
  2. And will 750W be enough for this rig:
    FX-8350 overclocking
    Gigabyte windforce 3x R9 290
    8 gigs of ram
    M599x mobo
    8 x 120mm 1200rpm fans
  3. Yes it will.
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