how to set up 240 gb ssd and 2 tb hhd

please help,need some tutorials step by step or some kind of guidance. I would like to partition like 80 gb for os and have the rest for games on the ssd, and then have the hhd for files,pic,etc. need help with setting up in disk manager and then need some help to set up where download files go so they don't go to os drive. thank you.
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  1. No need to partition an ssd. It simply is not necessary and will not make any performance difference.

    Did you take a look at all of the Tom's Hardware ssd tutorials? Here is the link:
  2. No partitioning needed, desired, or recommended.

    From the above SSD links, this one in particular for redirecting file locations:

    (I'm partial to that one. I wrote it)
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    Bascially welcome to doing alot of constant work by hand, as this isn't a preconfig system. You would normally just install to the SSD, this defaults everything to C (which is required), but becareful of trying to load 'games' to the SSD as well, easily eat up those GB and once you hit 50% on a SSD, your performance starts to take hits.

    There is plenty of Googling "Adding SSD tips and tricks" out there (just look) that can walk you through step by step. Basically when you go to install something you can't just 'click through' ignoring, you have to look through every screen, then manually tell it to install to 'D' (TB Drive) usually when it shows the path (Install to C:\Programs Files\This Fab Program would be manually edited D:\Programs File\The Fab Program). Additionally you would then need to go induvidually into each program preferences or settings and make sure all the temp files, etc. are also properly mapping to D:\ .

    It is a pain and newer systems with SSDs included in the install have been customized to includes these Reg edits and hacks to force these to occur so the consumer doesn't have to deal with it.
  4. As JohnnyLucky says, don't partition your SSD.

    If you want to move some files automatically to your HDD, you can set Windows to do that. There are a few ways. If you want a lot of control over what gets put on the HDD login on your computer, set up some folders with appropriate names on the HDD, then right click on My Documents (or any of the others My Music, My Pictures, or My Video) on your OS drive, select Properties, Location tab , and move it to the directory that you created on the HDD. If there are already files in the folders Windows will give you the option to move them.

    You can set it up so that ALL user files go to the HDD. You can also change the automatic program installation location, although that is usually best done manually.
  5. USAFRet - "I'm partial to that one. I wrote it"

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