How to make accounts separate on Windows 8.1?

Hi, I will be sharing my gaming PC with my mother (she i new to Windows 8). How do I set the accounts so that they dont share the same iTunes account, dont have the same apps, and have different pictures and such. I use the computer for hardcore gaming (Battlefield 4, GTA, etc.). I dont want her accidentally starting Contagion or something and having a stroke. How could I set it so that we have separate folders and accounts. I apologize for the wording. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks!
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  1. Both are password protected and I don't want my games showing up on her home screen when she logs in
  2. You need to create separate user accounts on the Windows computer for you and your mother. This will enable you to have different email addresses, different document folders, Internet Explorer favorites, etc, that has permission set automatically to only let you see what is in your account.

    You should create Standard User accounts and not administrator accounts.
  3. You should also create a Microsoft Account to use on your computer so that you can connect SkyDrive, and the Windows Store, etc.
  4. We already have 2 different password protected user accounts. Hers is standard and mine is the admin. I also have a microsoft account.
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    You should only use a Standard User account for yourself also. When you need to install something, Windows will prompt you for an account password to install something. Practice safe computing.

    As far as your overall question goes, I don't know what you want then, because separate user accounts would accomplish what you asked.
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