Proper way to update BIOS/drivers on ASUS Maximus VI Hero?

I will be building my computer within the next week or two, and have been getting all my files together on a flash drive so that I can have all the latest drivers available rather than using the drivers CD that comes with the motherboard.

I just wanted to clarify if I will need to download every single file under the "Drivers & Tools" tab on the ASUS website: (

The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

It seems in some categories they didn't delete older versions, so one would have to pay attention to not download duplicate drivers of an older version. When downloading and installing a newer driver over a pre-existing driver, is the new driver software intuitive in that it overwrites the older driver or will there be overlap/conflict between two of the same type of driver?

Would it be a better idea to only download the most recent BIOS driver/update and do the rest of the drivers individually online later?

Or would pre-downloading all these drivers (including BIOS) be pointless as I can just as easily access the same drivers online after installing the operating system on the new computer? This seems more logical, but I would just like to confirm that this makes more sense than pre-downloading the drivers to a flash drive.
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  1. The OS does install a driver for the LAN, so you'd be able to download the drivers. Use the latest ones from ASUS or controllers manufacturers (like Realtek, intel a.s.o).
    It's also good to run Windows update.
    If the system does work without issues, it's not recommended to update the BIOS.
  2. alexoiu said:
    The OS does install a driver for the LAN, so you'd be able to download the drivers.

    Not always, maybe with windows 8 but I had to download mine to an external when I did a fresh install. Windows 7 64, sabertooth 990fx

    Came up on google search results, thats why im reviving the thread
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