PC running show and shutting down and running hot, possible CPU heat problem?

About a year ago I was booting up my pc and I was given a cpu fan error message. Said cpu fan not running and I could hit f1 to continue but when I looked at the fan it was spinning. Who knows how fast though. That would pop up twice a month at most but then last too weeks while playing torchlight and starcraft II my PC would really start slowing down and everything would get all laggy on the screen. I was also using teamspeak and those on the other end said my voice was coming through all slow and slurred. I would restart my PC and get that same fan error message. Let it sit for a bit and it would work for a while before same thing again. PC also just shut off at one point assuming a safety measure.

I am running speed fan and right now running nothing else and just typing this message my CPU and System are 57c. I played another game to test and it went up to 98.5c. From what little I know those are both WAY to high. Speed fan says my CPU Fan is at 2009 RPM right now.

Before when I was just getting the occasional F1 error at boot up and because my CPU fan was spinning I though it might just be a failure with my motherboard detecting the fan speed and it was really fine. I now no longer think that.

I have an intel i5 750 what should my next step be? Is 2000 RPM not enough? Could that reading be wrong and it is much lower? What about the paste you place between the CPU and fan? Does that degrade over time? I have never needed to replace it on any PC before but since each PC gets faster is that a concern now?
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    1) first of all turn off your computer. a dying or incorrectly running cpu fan is nothing to "ignore" or work through. you're damaging your cpu by keeping it at those high operating temps. Even though your cpu is probably throttling back to prevent it from bursting into flames, intel cpus deteriorate quickly under sustained high temps.

    2) we need to discover if it's the cpu cooler or the motherboard header that's the source of the problem. Since you're getting such extreme core temps under load we know something isn't working. SO
    -pull out the cpu cooler. clean the top of the cpu and bottom of the cooler with 90% rubbing alchohol and qtips.
    -clean the heatsink fins of all dust. you can use the qtips and rubbing alchohol as well on this
    -clean the heatsink fans of all dust... again you can safely use the qtips and rubbing alchohol.
    -flick the fan with your index finger to make it spin, it should spin easily, soundlessly, and smoothly, at the end of the spin it should "bounce backwards" for a quarter turn in the opposite direction briefly just before it stops. If it doesn't spin easily or quietly, and doesn't have that backward bounce, then the fan is dead, and you need to replace it

    assuming the fan is good and everything is cleaned put thermal paste on the cpu and reattach the cpu cooler. turn on your system. if you are still receiving warnings it's possible the motherboard is not working propperly. try updating the motherboard bios... and see if that fixes the problem. if it does not then i fear you're in sorta a no-man's land where the problem could still possibly be the cpu cooler, the motherboard or your power supply.

    start with getting a new cpu cooler. personally this is my no.1 suggestion in this situation, and i only suggested the other steps if you don't want to throw out your current cooler (which i assume is the case since you haven't replaced it yet... i would have replaced it the first time i got that warning frankly). for $30 you can get a hyper evo 212... and there are often good deals on solid closed loop coolers out there as well if you want something more.

    if the new cpu cooler doesn't fix the problem you'll probably need to replace either the motherboard or psu... up to you which one you'd like to try first. they both can cause this problem and there is no easy way to test which one unless you have an extra psu laying around you can try out.
  2. What about the Hyper 212 Plus? I have some Amazon gift cards but the EVO is coming up in Amazon searches. Also do new fans come with the compound that you apply between the CPU and heat sink? I believe I was told to much of that compound can be an issue. Should I clean off the CPU also? Anything I should or shouldn't use to remove it? Not going to drop the CPU in soapy water to clean off but a paper towel and just wiping good if needed at all?
  3. 90% rubbing alcohol and qtips. dunk the qtip in the rubbing alcohol and clean away. pretty easy. might take a few qtips but it will look like new.

    and no... new fans wont come with thermal paste. the hyper evo 212 comes with a new fan.
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