About to upgrade rig, need input on what should be upgraded.

Hey folks, I came into my christmas bonus and looking to do some upgrades on my rig. I havent been keeping up on my reading of latest tech and for the first time in years im a little lost. I am a gamer for sure of all kinds, from cod and battlefield to WoW and Starcraft, i have a little of every catagory in gaming so id like to be able to run them very well on any setting. the hardest part of my rig is my monitor setup, i currently have a sony playstation tv, an asus 23.6", a hp 20" and a hannspree 19" and my sharp 42" all hooked into my rig and id like to keep it that way BUT id like to use something like eyefinity or surround to do it. here is a list of what i got.

Asus p8z77v-deluxe mobo
intel i5 3570k
8gb consairvengece ddr3 ram
no sound card, just whats on mobo
nvidia(name brand card) 560ti
amd radeon hd 6870 (yes i have both radeon and nvidia in my box at the same time running!! with no driver issues!!!)
800w modular power supply (no need to replace it)
cooler master haf x case
2-western digital black 1 tb drives
crucial 250gb ssd
1-seagate 3tb drive
western digital 1.5tb green drive
western digital 1tb external
western digital 500gb external
western digital 320gb external
toshiba 320gb external 2.5 laptop drive
lacie 250gb external
2 blu ray burners and 1 blu ray reader (forget name brands)
cool master x6 elite heatsink

i was thinking of getting a new video card...maybe one that can handle all my games and monitors and a soundcard....anything after that will be suggestions. i appreciate all help. thanks!
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  1. What's the brand and model of your psu?
    It seems like a solid build that you can easily upgrade. Just change the gpu depending on your budget.
  2. ive got a budget of about 1000 dollars total for upgrades, im just not sure what i should actually upgrade though. definatly think the video and sound card are a must, but anything else i was hoping to get suggestions for. what kind of cards should i get too?
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    You don't need a sound card. The onboard audio should be fine.
    For the gpu, you can grab a GTX 770, 780, or 780 ti. It depends on how strong of a graphic card you want.
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