First Build - 3d Solid Modeling and some gaming - LF Advice

Hey guys,

I decided awhile ago that I would build my next computer, and this year is the year. I’ve put it off long enough and would like to take the plunge. I’m employed full time and PhD student so I’m relatively busy, but would like a computer that can assist in my work and provide some distraction. However, I can’t say I’m an expert in this area, but it isn’t a project I haven’t put some thought into. To that I’d like to ask you all for some advice.

To take care of the background info. I will not be salvaging any parts as I have been using the same laptop for about 6 years. My preference in buying locations is pretty much anyone reliable. I do have an amazon prime membership though, if that helps.
Approximate Purchase Date:
I will probably begin buying parts in February.
This is relatively flexible. I am not chasing some awesome performance specs, I would like a moderately powerful computer that will fulfill my needs, give the ability to experiment, and have some upgradability. Under 2K though would be my preference with all things considered.
System Usage
Solid Modeling (Solidworks), MATLAB (I rarely make anything cry), Games (I enjoy RTS’s, GW2, maxing out graphics isn’t my highest priority though), and misc computer stuff. I would place equal emphasis on the first three, if possible.
System Usage Part II: Experimental
I have always meant to play around with Photoshop and other programs just to have a familiarity with them.
Yes I will need to buy a monitor (eventually a dual monitor setup). I would greatly appreciate advice on this.
Yes – but I’m not too worried about this. The decision for me here is can I actually tolerate Windows 8.
Overclocking, SLI
Maybe (when I’m a little more comfortable with it), and Maybe (Not immediately on both unless there is a pressing need for the 2nd graphics card)

Here is a bare bones of what I have been thinking. I could definitely use some case and power supply advice, but I’d appreciate anything else you guys notice that I’m most likely being stupid about. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well, what you want to use it for falls into the realm of two different graphics cards. On one hand, professional rendering goes smoother with the more expensive Quadro or FirePro cards from nVidia and AMD, respectively. However, when it comes down to running games, you want a GeForce or a Radeon card as they give better frame rates in games.

    What it really boils down to is priorities, do you want better professional rendering or would you prefer to game better?
  2. Looking at the costs, provided I can get away with a GeForce card I think I'd prefer that. My work computer is capable, but I would potentially want to be able to do some work on projects at home. Thanks for bringing that up. I completely overlooked that.

    So I guess the priority would be game better (for the sake of price) though I would still like to be able to do a little work if the card(s) could handle it.
  3. Best answer
    The cards would definately be able to handle it, just not as well as a Quadro/FirePro cards will.

    I'm just glad I'm of some assistance to you.
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