Every game I play lags between every 1-2 min, why??

My PC has started to lag with every game just a month ago. It lags every 1-2 mins. I played Need for speed most wanted (2005) and it does the same. I formatted the drive, did a fresh install of windows 7, had two drives and switched to the second one, but still the same.

My config:
OS: Windows 7 ultimate x64
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 clocked at 2.83 GHz
Motherboard: Intel Corporation DX38BT AAD85848-505
Ram: 2GB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
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  1. Have you unparked your cores?
  2. they are all unparked
  3. Agash said:
    they are all unparked

    Well then monitor your temperatures (Core Temp) and CPU Frequency (CPU-Z) while gaming.
  4. Even when playing a 2005 PC game, I never had to do this before.
  5. I'm getting a new built PC, but I want to resolve this problem for the time being. I hear my computer making a nasty static noise, not that loud but yeah. What should I do, I tried everything.
  6. I Upgraded back in march and it was the GPU that was the issue or maybe the thermal paste. Sure it's the GPU; switched from 9800GT to GTX 760. HUGE UPGRADE!!!!
  7. I would just like to add that my Nvidia 9800GT was thermal throttling as the GPU would go high as 100-105 degrees Celsius at load and 80-90 degrees Celsius on idle....pretty bad indeed, it was the GPU's problem after all. The card is 8 years old as of now and 6 years old as of when it happened.
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