How to increase my dedicated video memory??

I have 256 mb graphic memory..but dedicated memory is just 12 mb..i tried using del+f2 from video setup but it does not many times i change the graphic memory properties again becomes the same.i just installed windows 8 32 bit...plz give me solutions,,....thanks
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  1. we need full specs...the graphics card is integrated i take it? is it an intel chip or an AMD APU?
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    I guess you are talking about Intel HD Graphics. If that's the case and you are on a desktop, you should have an option in the BIOS to select the amount of memory to allocate for Intel HD Graphics (it's not actually dedicated, but rather taken from system RAM). However, on laptops this setting is rarely available. Check out the following article for more information and step by step instructions:

    How to Increase Intel HD Graphics "Dedicated" Video Memory
  3. I have dell inspiron 14 n4030 I heard that it has amd graphics + intel r hd graphics (i3) 512 mb dedicated memory but the thing is in my device manager there is no ani ati device + only 63 mb dedicated memory I m in huge problem since i cant update my bios because my battery is dead so plz any suggestion any help i m trying this since 4month plz help
  4. Beezy said:
    we need full specs...the graphics card is integrated i take it? is it an intel chip or an AMD APU?

    mine is intel HD Graphics Family 1696 MB and dedicated :64MB ....i want to do it 512MB ...please help ...i can not find the option in bios i`ve searched in youtube and forums but my bios is not allowing it :D:D it is different
  5. anonymous1 said:
    the option is in your BIOS.
  6. the best way to increase dedicated video memory (intel hd series) is just to download different drivers from the official intel site
    TIP: download drivers from a stronger or more powerful processor
    it worked for me and it should work for you too

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