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I bought the Acer TravelMate TMP273-MG-6448 Notebook with a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 710M graphics card. When I look in Device Manager under display adapters, I see both an integrated (Intel HD Graphics 4000) and the dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 710M. I wonder if the NVIDIA is being used. They look like they are both functioning together?? Not sure... how this works and why the integrated is even there. Can someone explain why?
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  1. there is this thing called optimus which switches them back and forth based on program intensity
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    The integrated graphics only works with 2d, so running your desktop, web browsing etc to save power, and when you actually need GPU performance it switches automatically over to the nVidia unit and uses that instead. Its really only there to save power and keep heat down.
  3. Thank you very much for the information.
  4. Since the integrated card is involved in it all, is it possible to swap out the NVIDIA GeForce 710M with a better NVIDIA GeForce card?
  5. No it is not possible to switch GPUs on laptops or any current mobile platforms as far as I know.
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