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i5-4670k overheating problem

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January 5, 2014 3:48:08 PM

Hello everyone!

I've recently got my new rig and it was just a few hours ago that I stumbled upon some problems, when I checked the CPU temperature readings.

It supposedly got up to 90 degrees Celsius after playing like 30 minutes of Tomb Raider. It goes up to 80 after 10 minutes of AC4: Black Flag. Both these games aren't really CPU-demanding.

I did some research, downloaded a few other programs and all of them indeed show the CPU overheating.
What's weird that when idle the PC stays at 40-45 which isn't good either, but it jumps up to 90 in instant when I run prime95. I'm no expert and don't know if such high difference in a matter of seconds is possible.

I don't use the stock cooler, got myself a SilentiumPC Fortis HE1225.

Now is it possible that it's caused solely by faulty thermal paste spread or the entire cooling installation done poorly? Read a lot threads about it on the forum and I figured that may be the case, but can such high numbers be caused just by this?

The CPU is not overclocked. I've had this PC for a few weeks and I don't know if the problem started now or has been persistent all that time.

Thank you for your help.

Please note I'm not a native speaker so I'm bound to make some mistakes, forgive me.

My specs:
i5-4670 at 3,4GHz (Haswell)
Gigabyte GTX 780
8GB RAM (Crucial Ballistix)
ASRock z87 Extreme4
Thermaltake Smart SE Modular 530W power supply
Silentium Gladius M40 Pure Black
Seagate HDD 1 TB
SSD Plextor 128 GB

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Best solution

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January 5, 2014 3:55:09 PM

doesnt look like a terribly small cooler... and it takes a 120mm fan... so it shouldnt be doing a bad job of cooling. i would think at least as good as a 212evo but looking at the size i would assume better.....

my guess would be poor thermal paste quality, too much or too little thermal paste, uneven heatsink base or something similar.

i would take it off, examine it, clean both surfaces with 95% isopropyl alcohol, let dry and put some known good thermal compound on like artic silver 5 or similar. remember you only need a dab although perhaps you want to spread it out (some people like doing this... i always just use a single dab).

then see what performance you get.

before you go through all that though... your case is getting good airflow right? what kind of computer case?
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January 5, 2014 3:56:53 PM

If your CPU instantaneously jumps to 90C then the most likely cause is an improperly seated HSF.

You would need one exceptionally bad paste job (or paste) to get such poor stock clock numbers from a paste issue alone... even toothpaste should be doing better than that.
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January 5, 2014 3:59:03 PM


so true. could be impropper seating.
January 5, 2014 4:00:51 PM

basics, make sure all your fans are spinning up and pointed in the right direction
what kind of thermal compound did you use?
January 6, 2014 1:42:52 AM

I have fixed the problem, put a new layer of Arctic 5, adjusted the heatsink and the problem's gone.

Thank you so much all of you!