How to multi-boot when OSes are already on disks?

Need help with dual boot / mulit-boot of MS-WinXP and MS-Win98SE when OSes are already installed to disks.

PC is HP d530 CMT (DG768A) with 3ghz single core Intel and 3 gb RAM, BIOS is v02.44, Disks are; one 1 tb sata drive with WinXP loaded, one 80 gb PATA drive with Win98SE loaded.

I had a third "master" drive with Solaris installed and all three OS where controlled by GRUB off that disk. That drive went bad hard (Building new machine for my Solaris/Linux needs). Trying to get my existing machine going again with remaining Microsoft OSes.

When both drives are installed, the system boots off SATA and MS-WinXP comes up just fine.

When I unplug the SATA drive, the MS-Win98SE boots just fine off the PATA drive.

HP boot bios when activated during boot time with F9 only gives; cd-rom, usb, nic, local disk (default is always C:). It does not offer a sub-menu allowing me to choose which local Disk to use.

When MS-WixXP boots;
SATA 1 tb disk drive = C:, E:, F:, G:
PATA 80gb disk drive = H:, I:

I made I: and G: into 18mb FAT16 for install of BootMagic 7.0 (have original CD with serial number key). But I cannot get BootMagic to install on MS-WinXP. Get error; “The specified folder :\BTMAGIC.PQ is invalid”. Of course it is, the drive later is missing, but the installer gives me no GUI input ability to specify where I want to install Boot Magic (want to install on G).

BootMagic was part of PartitionMagic by PowerQuest, purchased by Symantec, now not supported.

Another boot manager I use to use in the day was “System Commander” by VCOM, but VCOM seems not to support it anymore.

In searching the internet , I found Bootit by Terabyte, but my review of their 94 page pdf on how to cfg download to burn iso image left me feeling there must be a simpler product out there.

Microsoft site explains how to do this as; new installs, first MS-Win98 first, then install MS-WinXP. I already have these installed and patched and don’t want to re-install/ re-patch them because doing such for 98 is big pain and XP now takes days to complete its patching even when coming from a SP3 DVD.

Can anyone help me get multi-boot working?
What are the good dual-boot / mulit-boot programs today that had deal with disks that already have OSes installed on them?
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  1. Maybe install Grub on a pen drive and use it for boot ...
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    To dual boot MS-WinXP and MS-Win98SE, it's a simple boot.ini edition; all you need to do is add the Windows 98 switch (C:\="Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition") to the Windows XP Boot.ini bootloader.. you can copy and paste one of the examples below to your Boot.ini, depending on how you want the Hard Drives set up in the computer, but to insure XP will always boot, I would suggest the XP HDD set up as 0 (master or first HDD, and Win98SE as slave or second HDD). Also click on the links for more examples

    The path to boot.ini is Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Startup and Recovery > Settings > Edit >

    NOTE: Windows 98 SE may have trouble booting on a machine with 3GB RAM. I read somewhere it was designed to run on 768MB maximum RAM. I've had trouble trying to install it on a machine with 4GB after removing one stick, so I doubt you have already run it on that machine with 3GB.

    Boot.ini file - WinXP PRO in HDD 0 (Master). Win98SE in HDD 1 (Slave)
    NOTE: The default OS is Microsoft Windows XP

    ---------------copy from below this line -------------------------

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
    C:\="Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition"

    -------------copy to above this line-------------------

    Boot.ini file - Win98SE in HDD 0 (master), WinXP PRO in HDD 1 (Slave).
    NOTE: The default OS is Microsoft Windows 98se

    ------------copy from below this line-----------------------------

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
    C:\="Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition"

    ---------------copy to above this line-------------------------

    BOOT.INI - Examples of boot.ini files
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