My graphics card is not working but my fan is im soo confused help plz!

Ok so i recentally built a new pc. New everything exept the screen,dvddrive,and i got the hardrive from a friend. I uninstalled all the drivers and everything. Everything is working but the graphics card. The fan is spinning but when i type dxdiag into the run it doesn't show up and I've ran mutiple diagnostics to see if its there and it isnt. plz help also when i install the drivers and i boot up windows the screen goes black. My graphics card is a geforce gtx 650 ti.
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  1. are you install the drivers from the CD
  2. hard drives from a friend how old is the hard drives
  3. hardware from a friend is not always the way to go
  4. but that's not the problem

    go in safe mode network if it show it then update the video drivers
  5. pjg said:
    are you install the drivers from the CD

    Yes i did
  6. I have a corshair 500 watt
    I know its the graphics card because when i hook the dvi to my mother board it works fine is my graphics card broken at some point i got it to work loaded minecraft played for about 4 sec then bam all these colors apeared and my system crashed
  7. Ive ran some things and it shows that i dont have a graphics card installed but its in there the fan is running so i know its got power
  8. -_- can i return my graphics card just got it like not even a week ago do they have a warranty i got it from amazon
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