Two steam names on one account, Games disappear??

So i recent did a hard re install of windows 7 because I bought an ssd. I have the fun task of re downloading everything. On steam I logged in and noticed I had no dayz the standalone. I had other games but not that, so I pulled my old steam off my external that I backed my stuff onto and loaded that up and I had dayz... It was the same account up on the top right but the main big name was a different email address. I dont know how to fix this, any ideas would be great!
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    steam games do not have to be re downloaded. that's a huge waste of time. all you have to do is copy the entire steam folder to where ever you want it and launch steam.exe and it will install itself. since you already did install it though exit it and copy the backup folder to the current install location. your games will be there when you open steam and when you launch them they will take 2 minutes to install to windows and be done. no downloading is required at all
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