Is this a good build for 1080p gaming next 2-3 years?

see parts list below

I am thinking of at minimum a GTX780, but have not decided on which graphics card I prefer yet.

I'd like to get some feedback on this build so far. I'm planning on buying most the components by weeks end.

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  1. Looks very good. Yes, that will last you a few good years. 780 would be good or if you want to spend more 780ti? :D
  2. 1080 is a joke... my old inspiron 9200 with a 9700 ati card can take that out easily because it has a good resolution, lol. going to upradge to a 3200x1800 next. as you can see, i don't play games with resolution. it's a must when i buy a computer. anything less is unacceptable. seriously, it could ruin my day. lol.
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