120Watt power supply/battery with at least 2.5 hours of battery life to build a laptop

I am trying to build a laptop from desktop parts. I am going to use wood as the case but I need to find a power supply that will work when it isn't plugged in.

I have made a list of low profile hardware is not using a whole lot of power. If you can find anything like this that would work, it doesn't matter if it is 120 Watts I am sure i could just find a different processor or video card.
I am fine if it is just a battery with an outlet, as long as it works. :)
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    Simple answer: That can't be done. Desktop parts and laptop parts are not interchangeable. The only thing you can use is the hard drive if it's a 2.5" form factor.
  2. If you are building something custom, The only think I can think of is to use a backup UPS, depending on how heave you want the thing to be. But you might only get 40 min run time, depending on your hardware and monitor that time could be less.
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