Color problem of old pc game on Win 7!!!

I installed an ancient pc game called saints of virtue on my fairly new custom pc. The game will start normally but the colors are all over the place. Black is red and pixels are out of place. When I turn fraps on it records it as if there is no problem. The colors are normal. The game plays fine except for the mess of the colors. What can I do to fix it? I already tried compatibility mode with older versions of windows and tried run in 256 colors and 640x480 mode. Nothing worked so far.

Intel core i5 2500k
asus saber mobo
evga nvidia 560ti
12 gb ram corsair and ballistix
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  1. Let me clarify with fraps, When Im in the game and start recording the colors are still off. When I exit and look at the recorded gameplay it is normal.
  2. anybody please??
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