is it possible to install the OS (Win7) to one drive yet use a 2nd drive as the data drive but have that drive as Drice C?

Well I want 2 drives but I also want to keep my programs to not screw up and save on the OS drive. I realize I can do some settings stuff to make the programs load on the data drive but I was wondering if maybe I can use that 2nd drive as the C: drive instead of it being D:< and maybe label the OS drive as A: or B: cause I would think it would be more efficient for it to run that way...
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  1. Forget it. A: and B: are reserved for floppy drives. It makes not one iota of difference to performance what drive letters are assigned any more than painting go-faster stripes on the case would. If you have performance problems you need to look elsewhere.
  2. it makes a difference if all your games want to auto start from the C: drive all the time
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    Have it your own way. I'm not going to waste time arguing the point.
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