i3 4330 vs FX 6300 overclocked (with gtx 760) in gaming

I know this question is frequently asked but I'm on the fence. Will it be that much of a difference? Currently I have 6300 at 4.4GHz. From what I've heard majority of modern games are GPU bound and modern CPUs won't bottleneck new games, but also there are new consoles so there's a chance that multi core CPUs will benefit a lot.....

Games I play (and will play): Metro:LL, Planetside 2, Civ V, The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs etc.

Alternatively I could save up for i5 4440 but still that's 50% more expensive.

I don't know guys, if anyone could clear this up for me, please, I'd be thankful
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  1. i am a bit in a dilemma myself because i am considering to build a second budget gaming machine... But, in my case, i never looked bellow the FX 6300 and bellow an i5... i3s never come into my mind ^^, can't buy a dual core nowdays, sry ;)
  2. I would say the fx 6300, as you said yourself due to the 8 core consoles, games are starting to use more cores. The I3 is only dual core so I dont think it will be able to keep up with modern games 12 months down the line. Personally I would stick with the fx 6300 especially with the overclock you have on it. The i5 vs the 6300 will depend on which game you play, the I5 will be better in some, the fx 6300 will be better in others. Changing over to intel could be expensive as youd also have to buy a new motherboard which if u have windows oem version will mean youd need a new copy (dont quote me on that) as I beleive the oem version locks to a motherboard. :)

    Hope that helped
  3. Thanks for the input, I'll stick with the 6300 :)
  4. Just wanted to point out that just because the i3 is dual core doesn't mean it performs that way. Hyperthreading makes a very large difference and each thread is more efficient than AMDs.

    The i3 is about on par with the FX 6300. In my case I get 15FPS more in BF3 with an i3 4330 than I did with an FX 6300. This is with a 7870 GPU. Mostly Ultra settings.

    Both CPUs get the same results in ARMA 3, as well. I imagine down the road there will be better options with the 1150 board than there will with the aging AM3+ board.
  5. The i3 will be faster in some games, and the FX will be faster in other games. I believe an overclocked FX will be faster a little more often than not. But no amount of overclocking will let the FX even come close to the i3's stock speeds in one or two threads. Even if you managed to get 5.0ghz out of the FX, the i3 will still outperform it in single thread tasks. Even still, 6 medium strength cores will outperform 2 powerful cores a lot of the time.

    The LGA1150 has a much better upgrade path.
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