Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 - Can't change Memory Voltage?

Hey Guys,

Trying to adjust my memory voltage up to 1.6 from 1.5 for my new ram, but the option is greyed out in the BIOS. Could someone give me a step by step guide to it? I've already set my timings and speed manually, the only thing that is blocking me is this greyed out mess! Accursed G.Skill memory or Gigabyte board! And my processor is a FX9590.
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  1. What revision board do you have and are you running the latest BIOS?
  2. bryonhowley said:
    What revision board do you have and are you running the latest BIOS?

    4.0 revision and f2 (most up to date according to 4.0's driver page). I feel like I'm missing something simple.

    The cursor just goes over the fields I need to edit :(

    It's not just the DRAM voltage underneath voltage options is it? If it is why won't my setting save? (Jumps from 1.59 - 1.64 oddly?) Bump!
  3. So as I'm waiting and looking at my bios I decided to try lower clock speeds for my RAM.

    No success there either.

    I've adjust my NB Voltage to 1.2v, dram voltage to 1.59v, and clock speed to 1600mhz and haven't had successful boot. Timings set manually also.

    Please someone help me! Super lost.
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    I have the same board revision 3.0 with the 8350 CPU.

    I was able to get 1600 8-8-8 without changing any of the voltage. Start there maybe with a little more timing.
    I have not been able to get a successful boot setting for 1866 with 4 cards yet but that is my goal.
    I was able to get 2133 9-11-10 and 1.65 DRAM voltage with only two memory cards in the board.

    I was looking at the "Profile" voltage and not the the actual voltage settings at first and thought they could not be changed also.

    Although I'm not sure how to change the VTT voltage settings on this board.

    I was making the same mistakes as you and I thought the voltage setting could not be changed at first.
  5. Hey guys, excellent thread. I am also an 8350 owner as well as this motherboard. The Gigabyte website says anything over 2000Mhz will be downgraded. This doesn't happen to you? Also, around where should my CPU frequency be at when I'm hitting around 2000Mhz?
  6. If you read the owners manual for the mobo you will find that the memory sockets are only rated for 1.5volts. The reason you can see it but not select a higher voltage is because the bios (one size fits all) is capable but your mobo isn't.
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