Can't enter bios after installing new graphics card and beeps when start up

Can't enter bios after installing new graphics card and beeps when start up(gpu NVIDIA Quadro K4000)

CPU:I7 3770 k
GPU:NVIDIA Quadro K4000
RAM:corsair 4X4
HDD:Samsung 1TB
PSU:Corsair HX 850
SSD:Corsair force GT


my video

I remove the card and put old Radeon HD 6870.everything works fine.only new card has problem

1.When i put gpu:nvidia quadro k4000 after that i remove battery two minutes from my motherboard . remove the ram and clean it. turn on computer .start motherboard icon but not enter bios and after 3 minutes Computer Has a Black Screen)windows not start up :heink:

2.I put gpu:Radeon HD6870 .everything works fine :)

3.Aafter that put quadro k4000 . start motherboard icon, not enter bios but start windows:??:

sorry my bad english . if my english not understand i make this video too
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  1. Best answer
    Try updating teh BIOS, if newer version available. See if helping.
  2. after bios update graphics card work fine but something wrong sturtup (beta bios)
  3. Try clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and check the manual for how clearing the CMOS).
    If still the same, the next BIOS version might solve the issue.
  4. thanx alexiou.merry christmas
  5. You're welcome.
  6. I have same problem :P but im scared to update BIOS i have a motherboard Gigabyte H61m-ds2 when i put the new Graphics Card Gainward GTX 650 it's starts to stay in splash screen and 3 beeps with pauses betwenn each beep but i can't acces Boot menu ,q flash or Bios
    Need some help
    If i try with the old videocard i can enter bios?:P
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