should i reintall win7 because of hard drive capacity?

i got a new rig about a week ago. fx-6350, gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 mobo, 8gb corsair ddr3 1333, 1tb hard drive. had win7 (though my old system wouldn't let it install) power supply and chassis already. microcenter had a good deal where i got the cpu, mobo, memory, hdd for 275 even paying tax in the store. best i could do online with something similar was almost 330.

so incredibly nice to get out of the dark ages. was running the same rig i had built in 06. Pentium d 820, 2 gb ddr2 533.

sorry to ramble i just can't believe how much cooler it is to have something work so well and fast and modern. also had a little to drink and its late.

okay to the point of the thread.

i am new to win7 and to me already its xp done right!

installing win7 64 bit pro. it cranks up and everything and installs fine. I'm using it obviously. when it goes to the hard drive screen where you could format and what not there was a setting where you could manually set the hard drive capacity. my hard drive only showed up as 931 gb and i have 1tb. its a big drive and i know the numbers don't work out but that's enough of a difference to make me wonder after the fact. i really wouldn't care but I've not had this big of a drive before. should i reinstall the os and change the capacity or just leave it. I've eaten up over 100gb and i haven't even pulled any of my files yet off of my old hdd yet.

also the other thing that was strange to me (also from being in the dark ages) is it wouldn't let me format my drive before the install.
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  1. with windows 7 and windows 8 now there a small system restore partion made with windows. use windows disk management and see if your drive has the two. also with windows and partion you do lose some size now when you partion a large drive out. as long as windows disk management shows 100 percent drive sized used then your fine.
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    On an advertised 1TB drive, 931GB 'actual' space is correct.
  3. ^ Correct it will never show the full 1tb. As a example my 3tb drive's show up in Windows as 2.72tb not 3tb all 8 of them.
  4. Drives never have all of their advertised capacity, there can be various reasons, but it's just the way it is. I upgraded from a 180GB to a 1TB WD Blue earlier today and I only got 970 (ish) GB from it. You have nothing to worry about, enjoy your new PC. :)
  5. i know the actual capacity will never show up but since its a 60+ gb difference and i had the ability to manually correct it it made me wonder, i will just leave it then.
  6. For comparison, my "2TB" drive shows 1.81TB, and my "3TB" drive shows 2.72TB
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