First ever gaming pc build

Hello guys I am new to build a gaming pc. I just wanted to know whether these components are okay for a gaming pc:

processor: intel i5 3570k
mobo: asrock z77 extreme4
ram: corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz
hdd: wd caviar blue 500gb
graphics card: msi radeon r7 260x oc
cabinet: cooler master haf 912 combat
ssd: kingston v300 120gb
power supply: FSP 750W 80 plus gold
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  1. looks fine, not sure about the psu not familiar with the brand, i'd say get this instead
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    Agreed. It looks fine, just get a reliable brand PSU, otherwise you risk getting your system fried.
  3. ^Agree with the above as far as the PSU get a good quality PSU form Corsair Antec XFX Seasonic PC Power & Cooling. A cheap/low quality PSU could blow and take the whole system with it.
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