Corsair, Code or Ducky?

Okay, I'm looking to get a new keyboard. These are my 3 options. Corsair K70, Code Keyboard, or the Ducky Shine 3. If possible, I want to avoid the Code because I live in Australia, so getting my hands on one wont be easy. Thanks in advance (:
K70: $170
SHINE 3: $140
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  1. From reviews and my experience, I would take Corsair K70. In my opinion i think that it is a great keyboard.
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    Ive got the K60 with the red switches and its amazing. If you dont like the LEDs of the K70 the K60 doesnt have them just fyi.
  3. Ducky,Filco,Max,Das
  4. I had the Corsair K70 and it is a great keyboard. From my experience I think that is the best keyboard for its price. But if you want a true gaming keyboard then try and buy the Roccat Ryos MK Pro. This is my current keyboard. It costs $170 on Amazon and it is waaaaay better than any keyboard. It is extremely comfortable, it has blue lighting, an exceptional build, it will last a lifetime and it has some very nice features that no other keyboard has. Look on the internet at some reviews and I am sure that you will be impressed. Believe me that you will forget about any other keyboard after you see the Roccat. I hope that I helped you.
  5. Thanks again all ^-^, i'm going to double-check on prices now
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