Will a AMD FX8350 work with a ASrock 990fx extreme3 out of the box.

I'm not sure if the mobo needs a bios update to be able to work with the FX-8350. If so can you please tell me how?
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  1. Yes, it will, no problem.
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    Actually, from what I gather something has changed and AsRock has since removed the FX 8320 and 8350 from their support list.
  3. Asrock has removed the FX8320 and 8350 from the list because of thermal and stability issues.

    It's not compatible ASrock 990fx extreme3.
  4. i dont know if anyone has looked but it is still on their supported list i have just brought one and i am looking at getting an 8350 for it as an upgrade from the 955 phennom ii
  5. It's back on the list since the newer Bios , but stability will still be an issue due to it's poor power and thermal design.

    Not a good match for 8320 or 8350 , FX 6300 IS FINE WITH IT.
  6. what about the 8150 any good?
  7. I WOULDN'T run any 8 cores on that board.
  8. thats a shame. do you know anything about the thermal issues they have been having as atm im the king of keeping things cool with extreme messures as i hve thermal issues with my current system as im running sli i can tell you that my case sounds like it will take off
  9. My mate has an FX-8350 @4.0ghz on the Extreme3 and it works fine. He has previously run prime for 12hrs no problem. And it worked Out Of The Box.
  10. I installed this combination( without reading this site) and the CPU fan whistled like there was no tomorrow.....temps got up to 68"C at some stages and when I went through the settings HT ratio was at 19 !!! as default !! I dropped it down to 11 and it runs very nicely now.
  11. I have just bought this Motherboard as an upgrade to my old ASRock M3A790GMH.128M but for the time being I am not buying a CPU and will install my existing AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE,
    I upgraded purely for the SATA3 and USB3, also will upgrade to a newer FX CPU in the future.
    If you read in the compatibility site of ASRock it does mention that * For cooling the CPU and its surrounding components, please install a CPU cooler with a top-down blowing design.
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