Reformating Dell Latitude D600 (need drivers and Service Pack questions)

Dell Laptop
Latitude D600
Model: PP05L

ok so the computer was all junked up so i reformatted it with XP Pro SP3 that i got off a torrent... did the boot from drive delete all partitions and installed xp..... NOW WHAT? lol

I cant connect to my Comcast WiFi....I dont know if it matters but i have a NetGear Router

Wireless-N 150 Router WNR1000 v2

and an ubee modem?? what ever ubee is but yeah... its comcast

D3.0 ubee
Model: V10C035.30 i guess...?

how do i connect the internet and what's the SP 1-2-3 do?

now that im reading some stuff i see i need a LAN driver maybe and Like maybe a million drivers? can anyone just tell me what drivers i need and give me a link so i can just burn all this stuff on a disk n pop it in the lap top?
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  1. You killed any chance of support here by admitting to pirating XP.
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    Not exactly so Bubblehead, fair use laws allow you to download your OS as a part of computer repair and maintenance. Given that your activation key is stored in Dell-Bios, you are not pirating the software, since the license is tied to your computer's motherboard.
    What you need to do is find a working computer and download the drivers from

    Use the product ID sticker on the bottom to identify which ones you need. Start with the chipset drivers, wlan drivers, video drivers, input drivers etc. You can save them onto a flash drive then install them on your new OS installation. Be sure that your version of Windows is activated as well, if you installed the correct Dell version of XP it should be activated automatically, but definitely double check.
  3. Given the wording of the OP, and the number of pirate requests made here, I'm still going with pirating. There's plenty of sources OTHER than torrents for legal copies of Windows. Just as an FYI, the key itself is not stored in BIOS.
  4. Nobody has ever challenged DigitalRiver (Windows Partner) for providing unsecured download ISO copies of Windows. It is the liscense you own, not the software so it is mostly irrelevent where it comes from. And yes in Dell machines the Windows Product Ket is stored in the Bios. If the solution worked for you, please let us know. In addition Bubblehead there is a fair use clause in XPSp3 EULA which allows a liscensed user to obtain a copy of the software for computer repair and mainteance (from a friend etc...)
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