Best PSU for Build?

Hi. I'm looking to build a PC and I think I have all the components I need except for a PSU. I don't know what kind to get or which PSU's are and are not compatible with the rest of my components. I am a moderate gamer, if that matters, and here are the rest of my components. Could someone give me a recommendation for a good PSU in my build? My budget for this particular part is around 80 to 110 USD. Thanks!







Hard Drive

DVD Drive

Windows 8.1 64 Bit OEM
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    A good 550w unit such as the XFX Core 550w will be perfect and will be recommended by a lot of other people on the forums.

    EDIT: I've also just seen thin on Newegg for $90. It seems the be a similar PSU but it's fully modular and gold certified, it's new so I can't confirm whether this is good or not, maybe someone else will tell me.
  2. Its a fully modular power supply with 80+ gold efficiency
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