Water Cooler powered by 3-pin header?

I am getting a water cooling kit from corsair. The pump is powered by a 3-pin header on the motherboard. But there is no 3-pin header on the motherboard I have. Can i just plug this into the 4-pin PWM CPU header? What can I do here?
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  1. yes a 3 pin conector can plug into a 4 pin header but not the other way around
  2. Yes, read the manual. It say you can plug that into any motherboard header, 3 pin or 4 pin. I am currently using a Corsair H80i and the 3pin is plugged into my main 4pin CPU header.
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    i would chuck it saving only the optical and wipe and reuse the harddrive and get this only 365 including os and MUCH bettter processor and graphics
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