3 way crossfire with eyefinity


I wanted to upgrade my gaming pc for not too much,
i have a FX 8320 Black Edition with a shitty mobo which needs replacement anyways and an HD 7770 Ghz edition 2GB from asus. I wanted to buy a new motherboard with 2 extra of the same 7770's for playing battlefield on eyefinity (3screens )
is it worth doing?


P.S. i wanted to buy a corsair pre built watercooling system to oc my cpu, and was wondering
if the GPU's wouldn't overheat and if i would need watercooling for that too.
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  1. What is your budget for replacing the motherboard and GPU(s)?

    3way SLI is iffy at best, so I imagine 3way Xfire would be worse. Would recommend getting two GTX 760s or 270xs, although stronger cards definitely would help a whole lot more if you're playing in eyefinity.

    Air cooling for your CPU will likely do as good, if not a better job at cooling your CPU; the only thing you get from watercooling is the looks, and quietness. Only when you get into expensive custom water loops will you get lower temps.

    GPUs should not need water cooling as long as you have ample airflow within your case.
  2. I always prefer a single powerful GPU. Crossfire never works better. And stay with air coolers sufficient for your system.
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