tried to wipe harddrive,now get "operating system missing..." no cursor/BLACK screen

Wanted to clean the Hard Drive before I gave the computer away.
Used a software (unknown name) downloaded from CNET. Restarted
computer.Now it says"operating system missing" I have original Winwows XP
still in the package.

I need to get it started,so I can verify the Hard Drive in clean. Hard Drive
is a dual system set up in RAID

Any solutions would be appreciated.
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    Use the Windows XP CD to start a installation but use it to format the hard drive... use it to delete the partitions and follow with a slow format. If you want to wipe it download the Hiren's Boot CD or USB and use one of the included applications to wipe the hard drive clean so no file recovery is possible.
  2. Boot from the XP, format the HDD again and exit the installation.
    Edit: already answered
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