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alright so ive been using a regular mouse for a couple months to play counter strike and some other fps but i think its time to move on and get a gaming mouse. i was looking at the razer abysuss because its not very advanced and only has 3 extra buttons but I would like your guy's recommadations also could you recommend a keyboard too something cheap like a rosewill or something just some suggestions
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    Been a big fan of my Razor Naga mouse. It's configured for RTS, but there are similar models with better configurations for FPS. The big plus on the high end Razor mice is the darkfield tech, fast refresh rate, a lot of them glow (awesome!), gold plated conductor on the USB end, and the cord is braided with nylon so it's very durable, also pretty comfy. While you're looking into it, you can also get a cord weight or spring to reduce resistance from the cord.
  2. I personally use the razer deathadder 2013, and i love it. it has a higher curve than the abyssus so it fits my grip better. it is of course a bit more expensive than a abyssus. I think as long as you go with a high end brand like razer, and avoid all things that are not matte (like mirror editions or shiny products) you can't really go wrong.

    edit: also make sure you have a nice mousepad, it can make a big difference! i have the steelseries qck Frost blue edition.
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