Could someone explain vcore = 1.75 for i3-4130

I have an i3-4130 with a supermicro x10sae motherboard. I am not overclocking.

The motherboard comes with superdoctor III (windows 7) which reports lots of status information. And the BIOS has a hardware health tab.

superdoctor iii says that the vcore voltage "low / high limits" are 0.60 to 2.00 and it reports vcore = 1.75 pretty stable. The BIOS also says vcore is 1.75 volts. The cpu temp and other temps are on the low end, the cpu is currently 23 C, goes up to 32 C.

The vcore voltage is the only setting that seems on the high end. And I could not find any information on what is "normal" from intel web site, or other sources. So I would appreciate anyone explaining about vcore and normal range.

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  1. that's a very good temperature for it. and the vcore will vary a bit in that interval depending on the load.
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    Haswell has an integrated VRM (Intel calls it FIVR - Fully Integrated Voltage Regulator) and that VRM takes 1.8V as its input voltage which it internally converts down to the 0.9-1.2V required by the core and other voltages for other on-chip circuitry.
  3. The VCore does seem a bit high, but it's well within the tolerances. The only time VCore would be an issue is if it is causing your CPU to overheat from the extra current going through it. Not all CPU's are built the same, a CPU in the middle of a silicon platter will be better than one on the edge due to edge diffraction and culmination limits on the PhotoLitho process. Since there are fault tolerances built into the CPU, some of them need more juice to do the same job as a completely identical CPU cast from the same platter. That's also what makes OC so tricky, is the miniature variations in identical CPU's.
  4. So is the issue that "superdoctor iii" and "bios health status" are reporting the VRM / FIVR input voltage, as explained by InvalidError, instead of reporting the internal cpu voltage?

    I don't see any other cpu voltages reported, do not see a way to show the internal voltage. I do see the RAM voltage (1.5 V) and the PCH voltage (1.06 V), both exactly correct.
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