Minimum Requirements For 60 FPS In Minecraft?

A friend of mine is a big fan of the game Minecraft, but his ancient Lenovo has trouble running the game. So, he has decided to build his own PC. I recently built my own computer, and I in general know more about them, so he asked me to help. What are the minimal requirements to run the game at 50-60 FPS? I would prefer it if you didn't give me a PCpartspicker list, and just said "4 gigs of RAM", "Radeon 7850 or better", ect, but any info would be great.
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    The bigger the server/world gets the slower the game will run though.

    Minecraft is kind of a huge resource hog the longer you play it.
  2. Does he have a server? Does he play online? If so probably a core i5 8gigs of ram and Radeon 7850 would be good. I7 would be best but I have no clue what his budget is. Hope this helps!
  3. Get an i3-4130 for him. No discrete graphics needed. A 4 or 8 GB kit of RAM at 1600 MHz+ would be good as well.

    I didn't have a graphics card for a short period of time and all I could really play was Minecraft. Now, I am using an i5-4670K, but I got to 120 FPS quite a few times using the integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 4400, same on the i3) so the i3-4130 should do just fine. For a motherboard you can pick up an MSI H81M-E33 on the cheap side ($45) and a CX430 shouldn't set you back very far and that's all you'd need anyways.
  4. Maby you just take an APU? - try this one:

    austin makes some good pc designs and this one can run minecraft at about 55.5 fps on fancy
  5. Intel i3 and hd graphics can get you like 40-65 fps but I recommend at least Intel i5-4460 and GTX 680 . Although if you have a decent budget of like 800-1200$ , an Intel i5-4690K and Nvidia Gtx 750 Ti 2Gb , 8Gb and 1TB will easily get 100+ FPS and maybe 300+
  6. Amd quad core for 80 bucks 8 gigs of ram and an old radeon 5750 plays minecaft at 60 fps easy
  7. i playd minecrafft on a core 2 duo and gt 610 2 gigs ram
    and it ran a constand 58-60 fps even in 1.7.10
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