Connect external wireless antenna to wireless router

Can I connect my external wireless antenna´s male USB end to a female USB to ethernet converter, plug the ethernet end to a wireless router and thereby have wireless in my house
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  1. No AFAIK that would not work.

    What are you trying to accomplish and what devices do you have available?

    Do you have Internet access through one computer that you want to share through a router?
  2. Hi
    I live in a area where free internet is available about 1-2km away. So my idea was to buy a wireless pen (not these 3G internet pens) construct a directional antenna and place it on my roof. Run a USB extension cable from the antenna into a USB to ethernet converter, plug it into a wireless router and have wifi in my house. At least that is my idea
  3. The problem with that idea is that you can buy a high power directional AP for about $70, but there will be no high power directional AP at the other end that will return any signal to you. This picture illustrates the issue, you only can supply one side of the connection, you are missing the other high power directional AP aimed back at you:

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