Would a corsair CX600 600 watt ATX power supply be good for a gaming desktop?

I want to upgrade my power supply in my gaming pc, i bought one pre built and got ripped off power supply wise. Would a corsair CX600 600 watt power supply be a good upgrade? The one i have currently is only 230 watt and i want to add a graphics card to my PC.
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  1. Yeah if that power supply is anything 80 plus certified you will be just fine with that, and it will give you room to upgrade more stuff in the future (motherboard, CPU ect.)
  2. Yes a CX600 would work just fine. It's not made from the best components (as many people on this forum will tell you), but it's a decent budget power supply. My wife's rig has one and it's been running for 2+ years with no issues.
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    cx600 is just fine . . . give room for future updates . . like OC but not the sli or crossfire like thing . . .if you can go a little it more try the RM650 . . gold certifies and give room for sli though also silent one . . and cost you around 120$ or little less
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