How do I make my PC connect wired not wireless?

I used to be on wired rather than wireless, however I have upgraded my motherboard today and it's refusing to connect wired. More to the point, I don't know how to make it connect via ethernet.

In Network Connections, it only displays "WAN miniport (PPPOE)", "Edimax 802.11n Wireless Card" and "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Minport Adapter #2". With the old motherboard, I had more options.

I can't connect via the "WAN miniport". So how do I do wired?

This is what the network devices look like in device manager:
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    You can try installing the drivers from the disc that came with the motherboard to get the ethernet driver going
  2. Great, that might well work. I figured I might be missing a driver ^ ^

    Update: Yup, that worked. Thanks!
  3. Awesome, always good to hear!
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