How to change Wi-Fi name on android phone


My wifi name is verry diffecuilt.
A example: vgv35axhb67
How can i change that name on my android phone in : Home Wi-Fi? ?

Thnx for looking and maybe answer
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    I guess what you mean is, you want to change the way your Wi-Fi appears on your phone.

    If I got this right, then you need to do it via your computer.
    Press the "Start" button on your keyboard and while you do this press "R" too.
    Then type "cmd" in the menu that appears.
    After that, type "ipconfig" and look for the "Default Gate" (it 's something like a number). Keep this number.

    Then, open up your browser and on the address bar (where you would normally type something like ""), type the number that I mentioned before, and it will ask for your modem/router 's user name and password. Once you put them correctly, a menu will appear. Search for a "Wi-Fi" section or something with "wireless". Once you find it, look for a tab that says "SSID". There type whatever you want your wifi to look like, save your settings (a reboot of your modem/router might be necessary) and you 're ready :)

    All of the above apply to computers with Windows XP, Vista or 7. Might work with other OS as weel but I can't tell for sure.
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