Windows 7 boot time is long after installing new drivers

Hey guys. I got my hands on my friends laptop. He wanted me to update the drivers on his laptop as he saw me doing it on my here the problems started.

I used a program "Driver Pack solution 13" just as I did on my PC.
I installed the drivers on 2 turns...first I installed the first 10 drivers then i did the rest.
All of the drivers installed and there I had to restart it for the drivers to take effects...
Everything went fine untill the windows logo on boot...It just wouldnt go pass the logo.
So I did a "safe mode" and it started to list all the drivers and "functions" and it would stop at some point doing nothing I force restarted it and did the "last know good configuration".Then
The PC finnaly booted but it needs now like 6-7 mins to get past the logo and there would be a black screen after the windows logo for like 3 mins everything works fine when the windows comes up. So I uninstalled the graphics driver and the black screen after the logo went away but the logo still stays for like 5 mins before the laptop gets into windows...
Is there maybe a recovery that can be made without losing all the data on the laptop??
Please help
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  1. If nvidia card then:
    Just disable the geforce experience services.

    There are 3 of them.

    Nvidia streamer service
    Nvidia stereoscopic service
    Nvidia network service
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