AMD FX8350 Temp & Fan issues

HI guys,

I have recently (in last 3 days) upgraded my PC and replaced most of the parts apart from the case, couple of hard drives, PSU and DVD.

I am really paranoid about the temperatures and i'm not sure if there normal or high, I have been messing with the fan speeds to try minimize the noise as the stock cooler is quite loud and it seemed as if the default had it always on full!

Firstly my specs:
MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
CPU: AMD FX8350 Octo core 4ghz (I see it maxing at 4.2 for some reason at stock)
Hard drive: 2 not sure of the make they are 500gb standard HD's and a Kingston 120gb SSD
PSU: Power Cool 80+ 650W
Graphics: SFX AMD Radeon 7850 2GB

I think thats it! So anyway when I am monitoring the temps I seem to be running around 65c when gaming. I have attached a couple of screen shots:

This was on Guild wars 2, settings were maxed and i was just hanging around a main town.

This one was after playing Skyrim on Ultra high for about 15 minutes, just running around the country side and porting to nice places to stress the graphics a bit.

I left it tonight idling and it idles around 30c.

I guess my main questions are do these temps look ok or are they too high?

Also can someone please tell me what the TMPIN0,1,2 are in relation to? And why is the AMD FX Temp listed but it doesnt actually seem to be the CPU Temp? Speedfan seems to use the TMPIN2 as the cpu temp.

Also couple more things, I was testing a little last night and had GW2 on running on pretty much full graphics and net flix open and my PC seemed to suddenly reboot. Now i didnt catch the temp readout but could this be due to overheating and my pc trying to save me? I cant imagine it would have gone over 70c, but does anyone know what the temp is that would cause a system shut down?

Also what is the max safe temp, basically what should i start becoming worried at?

One last question, my GPU wont seem to let me use the 2nd DVI port for another VGA montior (with a DVI adapter), im guess that it will only support one VGA monitor and I would need to get a proper DVI/HD monitor to use for dual screen?

Sorry for the epic novel but any help is appreciate to put me at ease as this is my first build :)


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  1. I can never understand why people insist on buying such a cheap low end board then try running an FX 8 core cpu on them. (sorry for sounding so blunt).

    First off, 4.2ghz is what the cpu can turbo up to.

    What cpu cooler are you using and what is the vcore voltage running at?

    The board will usually throttle the cpu down before shutting down, your restarting might be another issue.
    It could be the VRM's on the board getting to hot.

    Max safe temp for an AMD cpu is usually 62 degrees for the cores (package temp) and 70 for the cpu (TMPIN2).

    As for the monitor issue, make sure you are using a dvi-i port for the vga adapter.
  2. Thanks, I honestly didn't realise the board was so low end! What board would you recommend for a reasonable price?

    I am using the stock cooler for now as I ran out of money when getting everything, the voltage is at 1.356v on HWmonitor.

    So do these temps seem safe for the moment then until I can afford to pick up a new cooler, is the board I have still good enough to use or is it that bad?

    Also the case I have is a:

    Its that case but not water cooled, it has a fan in the back and the top.

    Thanks again
  3. Anyone else help please?
  4. Best answer
    1. try to down-clock your CPU, under settings.'
    2. Download CCleaner and SuperAntiSpyware. Run the programs or run a full system scan with your current anti virus program. (If it dose'nt __works, try to download the programs anyway, just to be on the safe site:3
    3. Buy a new MOBO. Your current MOBO is a cheap shity one (No Fence), with a hardcore CPU like that, all the other components has to follow:)
    4. Buy a new CPU cooler, ANTIC and Cooler Master allways brings you good quality components:3

    Hope this was help enough!:D:3
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