Broken Asus Maximus Iv Pin

So in the very left hand corner of my cpu socket on of the pins fell out then I took my cpu out what should I do its the pin in the upper left hand corner and I just got this board used is that pin nessacary can I put a piece of copper in the hole so it will make contact all recommendations are greatly appreciated thanks
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  1. Try firsty installing the CPU as it is and test, see if working. Some pins have similar functions, so... let's check firstly.
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    Well turns out that the guy I got it from gave me a full refund and the warranty was still on the board I told asus that it just fell out and they said ship it to us and we will take care of it for you so we will see where that goes cause we all know how they are about mobo pins ill kept you guys updated on it hopefully they just send a whole new board that would b sweet
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