MSI 970A G43 woes :(

Just got my PC up and running with an FX-6300 and an MSI 970A-G43. I originally was going to go with a 760K Athlon x4 and an Asus F2A85-V Pro, but figured I could get a better CPU by cheaping out on the mobo. (last-minute decision)

Well, after I already had everything up and running, I found that because of VRM issues, the board could literally catch fire if I OCed the CPU.

What I'm wondering is, is there anything I can do to enable an OC to 4.1-.2Ghz, short of getting a new board? Would adding way more cooling than I would normally need, for example, be an option?
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  1. I wouldn't OC on a 970 board, I'd sell it and get a nice 990FX board
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