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Hey guys,
I have a quick question. A buddy of mine had a slight mishap with his mobo as him and another were re-assembling his PC in a new case. His friend put the CPU in the wrong way and bent multiple prongs on the mobo CPU port. I am aware that the prongs are literally screwed, but the motherboard is a very new and updated one. I was hoping that you can at least Replace JUST the cpu socket. I know it sounds weird, and the situation sucks as is. However i don't know if this is possible, so this is a learning experience for me too!
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    Just how many is multiple prongs?

    Try and manually straighten the pins. If you can not then the MB is good only for a doorstop. If one breaks and the rest are straight the situation is still the same (Fubar).

    Trying to RMA it will probably not work as the seller will take one look at the socket and determine it was buyer error. But that might be your only option.

    New sockets can not be soldered on.
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