Windows 7 64bit - Take forever to load all start up items...NOT a slow HDD Please Read

So...a few days ago I logged into my desktop.... rocketdock didn't show up...I also realized that all my start up stuff like NVidia control panel...zonealarm....etc.. didn't load for a long time....

So I restore to a past point.... first log in seems fine...then after that same issue... ALSO I realize that if I turn my PC on....wait like 3 minutes before I log into my user everything loads like normal...

So... it seems as long as its turned on for a few minutes prior to loggin in or logged in for a few minutes then everything loads up fine...So wtf is going on here? I'm sure one of you guys know whats up. or is it time to reinstall?


3770k @ 4.3Ghz (Tried setting all speeds to default FYI )
16GB DDR3 2000mhz
Asus maximus V Extreme
Crucial M4 256GB
600Gb Raptor
1500watt Supernova
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  1. while sitting on the log screen you are giving time to your pc to load some global services, so there's the chance that some service is the culprit of slowing down your pc's boot time.

    There was a program from microsoft called "BootVis" which analyzed which programs/services took the longest when starting your pc, that one was for XP though, but I'm sure there must be some similar program for Windows 7, a quick google search points to WinBootInfo as a utility for Win7, you might wanna give it a try.
  2. pardon me. I'm recovering from face palming myself after seeing the 16GB of 2000MHz ram and 1500W PSU. and a raptor drive. never mind rocketdock and zonealarm. and posting a windows experience index. don't take offense but its VERY obvious this had to be your first build and you got terrible advice. its fine. you have to learn sometime

    you are likely dealing with malware which should be obvious. or a ton of junk you installed. it could be 50/50 right now. look at the CPU usage time after login. find the process. uninstall it.
  3. LOL whats wrong with 16GB of 2000mhz RAM and whats wrong with a 1500watt supernova PSU....also that's a very old jpeg of an old rig I had...please inform me of how this build is wrong...

    CPU usage as of now1-2%..... and as far as my first here is a video of when I first put it together and have since improved it.
  4. Also I have never had an issue like this in the past. And I don't see what wrong with using rocketdock or zonealarm... why so much hate lol...oh updated my image as well lol
  5. Any other ideas here? CPU usage 1% for a few minutes then it spikes and loads everything....

    Oh and unksol ... please fill me in on whats wrong with my rig...I really wanna hear what you have to say.
  6. uninstall all programs you don't use. check for viruses,malware,disable programs you don't use.
  7. I have had this problem and I hope my solution works for you too. I suggest you make a cmd batch file for shutting or restarting your computer for about 3-5 times and watch your program load time as it improves like mine did.
    1. run notepad
    2. Copy this:
    shutdown /R /f /t 00
    3. paste it in notepad
    4. save to your desktop name it Restart.bat
    When you want to use the file right click on it choose Run as Administrator.
    If you want to use the file as a shutdown file change the r to s then save it as shutdown.bat
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