A10-6800K stock speed high temp

I got a A10-6800K running with CM 212 Evo cooler, and the package temp reported by HWiNFO is averaging at 78C, without any overclocking on the CPU frequency, just 200mhz increase on NB and 50mhz on GFX.
Is this normal?

Btw, I'm using open air test bench style case with a room temp being around 17C.

Forgot to mention that the average temp was coming from 17hours of prime95 blend test

Is there anything that I forgot to do?
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  1. What is your max? 78c is a fine maximum temperature.
  2. My max was around 83C, I believe
    It is probably an OK temperature, but I'm just somewhat disappointed because from the reviews that I've read about that cooler has been pretty decent. It was just a surprise to me that the temp goes that high at stock while being stressed.
    Could it be a problem of open air case? Maybe the cooler? Or CPU itself?
  3. 83 is a bit much. Some fans will cool it off a lot.
  4. Is there such things as defective CPU Cooler? lol
  5. No, but there is such a thing as defective air. Well, not really. But you need more airflow.
  6. Would you recommend a high airflow design fan like or static pressure ones if I'm swapping the stock fan out of the cooler? or perhaps make it into push and pull
  7. How much noise is okay for you? Ventilation is important, and push-pull might help you.
  8. Does AF fan and SP fan has direct relation to noise level?
    I've actually just realized something, I have an ASRock FM2A88M-HD+ and I'm using one of its software called A-Tuning. I've set the fans to spin around 1,200 RPM @ 60C, but it actually only stays at around 800-900RPM when reaching high 70C package temp according to HWiNFO.
    The CPU temperature that A-Tuning reports is idle @ 26C, but the CPU package temp is idle @ 43C from HWiNFO.
    Do you know why there's a difference between the two?
  9. AMD cards have weird ratings under 40c. Blow a desk fan or something onto the build and run HWmonitor or something while running Prime95 for an hour, let me know your temps. Let it cool back down and repeat without the desk fan, let me know the difference.
  10. Sorry that it took me a while, at least 1 core keeps on failing before 1 hour of prime95.....Should that concern me?
    The temp with an USB fan was 73 for package temp and 36 for CPU temp, without fan was 76 for package temp and 43 for CPU temp.
  11. Interesting, that's an unstable overclock, somehow. I don't see how other than terrible luck. Reduce your NB overclock and repeat the test, but those temps are okay.
  12. Would that be a fault of bad patch of the CPU or the motherboard? cuz like I said, I only increased the frequency of NB by 200 and GFX by 50 :/ It's kinda sad lol
    I'm still able to RMA the CPU or motherboard, so which one do you think is the issue?
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    Sounds like an issue with the CPU to me.
  14. Thanks a lot, I'll just go ahead and exchange the CPU, maybe the MB since I'm having some issue with its USB ports.
  15. Sounds good. Let me know if you have the same issues, but that should fix it.
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