AMD A10-5750 Processor (4M Cache, 2.5 - 3.5GHz) 35W overclock ?

Hello,I've got a question,due to recently bought new lap top with AMD A10-5750 Processor (4M Cache, 2.5 - 3.5GHz) 35W,16 GB RAM DDR3,256GB SSD,AMD Radeon™ HD 8970M 2GB GDDR5,so like it's on the description normally its 2.5 GHz,but as i heard from friend of mine it's possible to be overclocked easy to 3,5GHz,but he told me he never did that to a lap top,so I would like to hear of your oppinion,is it good idea to do it,or better let it be 2,5GHz? Thank You!
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    Maybe, but not recommended.

    Laptops rarely have any overclocking capability. The space for cooling is very limited. It works in DESKTOPS because a much larger cooler can be added.

    If overclocking was possible it would say so in your BIOS (F2 or DEL on bootup), but I doubt it will.

    *I have heard of people using a tool called AMD OVERDRIVE, though the laptop would have to support that. Keep in mind if your fan isn't up to the cooling task your system will just crash.

    No idea if this would work:

    I noticed your description says up to 3.5GHz already? That probably means when only a SINGLE CORE is needed. Due to cooling requirements, modern CPU's can increase the frequency to a single core if the others are NOT used. Chances are that in a game it will NOT help.

    So I'm pretty sure your laptop isn't intended to go beyond the rated specs.
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