New SSD Installation - Had trouble getting PC to recognize drive

Hey all,

quick backstory. I got a Samsung 840 Pro for Xmas and it went kaput during the installation. It worked at first, but died within minutes of getting windows to install. Samsung Tech wasn't entirely sure the drive had failed, but we couldn't get windows to load after reformatting and trying again. At tech's recommendation I sent it back to amazon, and they sent me another one. But he cautioned me it may be something else based on some of the tests he ran.

Today the second one arrived, and I was able to get windows to load, but not without issue. In fact, I am running the drive right now, and everything is working fine. However, there seems to be an issue with my power cable - but since I'm kinda a noob, I can't be sure, thought I would ask the experts.

So, on the second install, I initially plugged the SATA cable into the SATAG_1 port, and plugged in the power supply. Booted up my bios, and sure enough, drive was not recognized. Then I figured the original drive I got for Xmas was not defective, and it was something else, much like the tech suspected. However, just as a check, I switched to SATAG_2 port and also switched the power supply. I used the power supply from the old HDD drive that is my PC. That fixed the problem, the drive was recognized, and I was able to load a clean install of Windows 7.

I should note that with the original drive I got for Xmas I had a similar issue, and I can confirm that at I switched SATA ports on the MOBO, but can't recall if I switched power supply.

So, I can't entirely tell what the issue is. Could it be that the power supply jack is defective? Mind you, I have a Rosewill 1000w bronze rated modular power supply, and the power jacks are daisy chained, there are a total of five jacks, one of which is currently hooked up to a DVD drive that I know is working.

Here is the issue, I need to go back to my old HDD and get some files on it, and eventually hook up install my new 2 TB HDD to replace the old one - I will be using the SSD for a boot drive, and the new HDD for storage. Will I mess the new SSD drive up if I unhook the power supply and start switching things around?

Is it possible that one of the power jacks is defective? I don't understand how the electronics work on the power supply, but it doesn't make much sense that only one of the power supplies on a line of five would be bad?

ANyways, sorry this got so long, but its kinda a confusing issue.

Thanks in advance.
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    sounds like a PSU issue... SSDs reliability is 100% tied to getting good clean power from the PSU. This is why, though i got my 840 Evo back in early december, i waited till almost xmas to install it cause i was waiting on a new, better psu. I didn't want to risk my new SSD with a crappy power supply.
  2. Hello! first thing I would do is set up my bios for AHCI and go through other settings concerning SATA.
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