biquad antenna setup via usb into pc. pc to network switch then to other lan connected devices. Wanting to integrate wireless

I have a bi-quad antenna setup that is picking up my neighbors internet router. He is aware of this and has given me the security code. The biquad antenna hooks into my main pc via usb then I run cat5 from that pc to a network switch which allows me to run cat5 from the switch to other devices like my tv, xbox, etc. I just use internet sharing in Windows 7 and it works perfect. My problem is I have no wireless available for my devices like my phone, tablet, etc. Is it possible to integrate wireless into my house still using my biquad antenna into my pc? Any suggestions would be nice, and very great help.
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  1. Just add a AP to your current switch. If you already have ICS working then you just need a cheap router that can be used as a AP. In the long run you may want to look at a router than can use wireless for its WAN so you don't have to use a expensive computer to act as a dumb router.
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