Need help with choosing a digital to analog audio converter

I bought the wireless Sennheiser RS180 headphones to watch TV with (Panasonic VT50). To plug the headphones into the TV I need a digital to analog converter.

I don't know which converters are good as I am only going by customer reviews. I want the best converter that does not reduce sound quality or distorts. So far I am leaning towards this:

Does anyone here know which is the best digital to analog converter out right now? Price is no issue.
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  1. In your application the quality of the DAC is not going to be a critical factor. When you say price is no issue you don't realize that a DAC can cost upwards of $10k (but for music not video). What is a factor is whether your TV will output PCM audio (check the audio setup menu of the TV). If it will the one you link to will be fine. If not you would need one that supports 5.1 channel output such as this
  2. I've been looking for a DAC for a new workstation and stumbled onto some great stuff out there. Try looking for a DAC and an amp in one unit - I think your headphones will benefit as the amp will help drive them and get the best sound out of them. Not totally sure though.
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