Windows 8 Pro Upgrade key is not accepted by Installer

I need to repair install Windows 8 Pro with Media Center but my key is an upgrade key and is not accepted by the Windows 8 Setup.exe.
The generic key typically used to install without activation does not work either....
Any tips or tricks for getting Windows 8 Pro reinstalled?
Thanks ahead of time!
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  1. Call MS. We cant help with that. Board rules. Might try a clean install instead of repairing it.
  2. Seriously? That's my only option?
    I'm not trying to do anything illegal here....just need to repair my OS. It's a legitimate copy of Windows I just don't have the box because I upgraded digitally from 7 up to 8 and then to 8 Pro and the keys get overwritten with each upgrade.
    If there's a board rule against this then fine. I just hate dealing with MS support because I feel like I'm having to walk a grandmother through basic tech work.
  3. Is it possibly an 8.1 key or 8.1 install? Because 8.1 and 8 keys won't work unless it's their own version. There is no rule against not helping with this issue.
  4. Sorry, but it's probably best to take this up with M$. None of us like being painted into this corner, but even the best of us are sometimes rudely confronted with the fact that the only practical option is to reluctantly interface with the Mother$hip.

    I'm sure that if you get them on the phone they'll help you straighten this out. Their Code, their Keys, their mandates.

    Comp :sol:
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    Perhaps try your Upgrade key to d'load 8 Pro to Installation Media and clean install?
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